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Akhil Bharat Jaiguru Sampradaya

On the 14th of Phalgun, 1343 Bengali era, Thakur Sitaramdas Omkarnath founded the JAI GURU Sampraday’. The name of His sampraday was based on the Divine Sound [Naad] of ‘Jai Guru’ which He used to hear constantly. Several years later, after the expansion of the ‘Jai Guru Sampraday’, Thakur named it ‘Akhil Bharat Jai Guru Sampraday’, and appointed 9 Trustees to look after the Sampraday. Thereby, Thakur entrusted the spiritual and legal rights to the ‘Akhil Bharat Jai Guru Sampraday’, and stated that this Organization is His walking Image [‘Sampraday AMAR choloman Vigraha’].

Thakur Siatarmdas Omkarnath’s Paramguru , ie Dasarathidev’s guru [Shri Damodardas Ji] was a Ramanandiya saint. Thus, our Sampraday [Akhil Bharat JaiGuru Sampraday] is a part of Ramananda Sampraday by default. Later, Thakur had sent His representatives to Ramananda Sampraday of Ayodhya for formal incorporation of our Sampraday in the Ramananda sect. The representatives were a bit confused about the scope of acceptance, but when they arrived, they were amazed to receive a warm and cordial welcome—our Sampraday was formally made a part of Ramamndiya sect. However, Thakur used to say—we are of Ramamnada order, but not excluding Ramanujacharya, because Ramanuja’s Sampraday is the beginning of Shree Sampraday. To corroborate His stand, Thakur got His selected 8 spiritual sons initiated in the Sanyasa order, at Srirangam, as per Ramanuja doctrines. The eight disciples took sannyas as per Thakur’s instruction, took the saffron robe and ‘danda’ and became Ramanujiya tridandi sannyasis.

The Ramananda sect worships only Lord Ram. Thakur’s Istadev was Ram, but still, He liberalised the Diksha Parampara of His sampraday, and gave the Mantras of all Deities, as per the adhikara, background, spiritual inclination of individual devotees. Every Form of Lord is inseparable from Lord Ram, and Thakur’s improvisation was to supplement the usual Ramanandiya customs. Even Thakur’s guru [Dasarathidev], gave the Mantras of 5 deities, ie- [person in whose body SKY element is more should recieve Vishnu mantra , in the same way for FIRE element Shakti Mantra , for EARTH element Shiva Mantra , for AIR element Surya mantra & for WATER element Ganesh Mantra .]

Thus, the Sampraday of Thakur is a Part of the Shree Sampraday, with the unique ideologies of Thakur incorporated in it. Thakur, being a ‘Jagad Guru’, has established His own Sampraday, and also has made it a part of one of the four prime Sanatan Sampradays, for maintaining the tradition and lineage. Thakur said that if He attains the Supreme Goal, even His disciples will do so. He also quoted the prayer of Ramanujacharya to affirm the liberation of all those who are related to Shree Sampradaya—

Before mortal departure of Ramanujacharya, Lord wanted to offer a boon. Then, Ramanuja said-
‘loko yah prapyate swamin bhavatah kripaya mayah
Asmat sambandha sambandhi charama badhayascha ye
Samyag gachhantu twam lokam janaste tabo shasanat’

[Oh Lord! By Your grace, the Abode which I will attain, may everyone connected with me and my connections attain the same Abode, in Your divine Reign…]

Thus, all disciples of Sri Sampradaya are destined to attain Vaikuntha. Thus, Thakur has included His Sampradaya in Ramanuja Ramanandiya sect formally, to ascertain that all the disciples of His Sampradaya , with scriptural proof. As such, all those who adore Thakur sincerely are sure to attain the Eternal Kingdom of Lord, but Thakur has kept a scriptural sanction to assure all of us…

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AGM 22nd October 2017 at Mahamilan Math.

AGM held at 4 P.M on 22nd October 2017 at Mahamilan Math organized by AKHIL BHARAT JAIGURU SAMPRADAYA.

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Various books on Thakur are available in our book stall. various books written by Thakur , written by Kinkar Vitthal Ramanuja are also available in Mahamilan math.

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